Science Scavenger Hunt

Science Scavenger Hunt

For a very long time Rory has told us that he wants to be the first person to explore Pluto.  He has grand ambitions of becoming an astronaut and who knows maybe one day we’ll be watching him on the news exploring the far reaches of space!  It is wonderful when you can find activities to fuel children’s passions.  We find ourselves doing lots of fantastic science activities and we even had a special Space Day

The other activity which both our boys love is a Scavenger Hunt and so I thought I could combine their love of science and hunting into a Science Themed Scavenger Hunt.  The thing I love most about Scavenger Hunts is that you never know what children will come up with to answer the clues.  At first they may look at a clue and think it is impossible but with a little out of the box thinking they can soon find an item to match it!

I have tried to include as many different strands of science in the hunt as I could in such a way that you should be able to find something at home for each of the clues.

You could play individually or in teams.  Remember to compare what you have found at the end of the hunt.  I’m sure your finds will lead to some great conversations.

If you’d like to download the Science Scavenger Hunt, just click here:
Science Scavenger Hunt

Science Scavenger Hunt

There is also a selection of other Tired But Crafty Mummy Scavenger Hunts to keep you and your family entertained:

If you have a go at the Science Scavenger Hunt, I’d love to see.  Do tag me in your photographs on social media.
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  1. Live a scavenger hunt and science (I’m a science teacher). I like the idea that these can spark conversations that explain how/what these objects are(/used for.#kcacols

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