Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is always an exciting time of the year for children, and adults! My boys have already started planning what they would like to dress up as. This year, things are going to be a little different. You might feel like you don’t want to go Trick or Treating, or we may not be able to! You may be wondering how you can still enjoy the fun of Halloween this year and hopefully I have one solution – a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Simply, print off the Scavenger Hunt or take a tablet and view it on there, then go for a walk around your local area and see how many of these Halloween themed items you can find. You might be able to spot people dressed up or decorations on people’s houses.

Shops are beginning to fill up with Halloween costumes and decorations too. If you have a local shop which has a particularly large Halloween section, you could also do the Scavenger Hunt around there.

Alternatively, you could organise with people living around you to hide each of the items on the hunt in their windows for the local children to find. This could be a really lovely way to bring your community together.

If you’re going out on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt, then please make sure you follow the government guidelines and keep a safe distance away from other people also enjoying Halloween and most importantly have a fantastic time!

Happy Halloween!

You can download the Scavenger Hunt here:

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  1. Our village is encouraging people to put pumpkins or pictures of pumpkins in their windows for kids to find instead of trick or treating. The idea being their adults will bring a bag of treats with them and they win a treat for every pumpkin found.


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