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This time of year can be extremely expensive.  It’s not just all the presents and food that have to be bought, there are also so many Christmas dinners, parties and of course Santa to visit.  If you’d like something to entertain the children without spending a penny, then I have the activity for you – The Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

All you need is somewhere with a good Christmas department – Garden Centres are particularly good for this, a pen and a list (A PDF and JPEG of mine are at the bottom to print off and make it even easier!)
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You could do a pre visit and see what Christmas items they have and make a list.  However, I am not that prepared so I simply made a list of 30 random Christmas Items.

You then give your child the print out of the list and you walk around the Christmas Department trying to find as many things as you can.

Tip: If you are struggling, have a look at the Christmas Cards.  There’s usually a picture of anything you may need on there!

We’ve found that this will keep our boys occupied for ages, you can also throw in a visit to the fish and if you really want to splash out, you can always go for tea and cake too!

If you try it out, do let me know in the comments.  I’d love to hear about your festive Scavenger Hunts!

Christmas Scavenger HuntChristmas Scavenger Hunt


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