Nature Scavenger Hunt

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During June, we have been participating in the Wildlife Trust’s initiative #30DaysWild.  The aim is to encourage people, young and old, to get outside and enjoy the world around us and to think about the nature and wildlife that surrounds us all.

You don’t need to do something big everyday – for example one of their suggested activities is to hug a tree.  We have found that by trying to do something wild each day, we have become more aware of the nature around us.

As a family, we love a Scavenger Hunt.  I like them because they keep the children entertained and they are free.  You may remember at Christmas that I shared our Christmas Scavenger Hunt  which can be completed in a garden centre.  Now that we are into June, hopefully the weather will start to improve so it is the perfect time to give a nature scavenger hunt a go.

All you need is a list of things to look for and a pencil to tick them off.  You may also want to take a clipboard to lean on and children quite enjoy taking magnifying glasses, bug boxes and pooters, if you happen to have any lying around.  I have made this activity even easier for you as I have included a printable sheet with this post so you don’t need to worry about thinking of things to find:
30DaysWild Scavenger Hunt

If you want to make your own list, I’d advise you try to keep the items as general as possible for two reasons.  First, you don’t want to set your children up to fail.  If it says find a ladybird and they can’t find one they are going to be disappointed which will spoil the activity.  Second, it really encourages children to use their imagination.  We really encourage out of the box thinking when it comes to scavenger hunts and we quite like it when the children bend the rules a little to make the things they find fit the criteria!

If you have a garden you could do the scavenger hunt there or you could go further afield.  We are really lucky to have Singleton Environment Centre near us which has a wonderful meadow and community woodland which is perfect for this kind of activity.  It also means we can have a cup of tea and a piece of cake when we have finished which is always a good thing.

The other wonderful thing about Scavenger Hunts is that it makes you, and your children, more observant.  You never know what you might spot.  We were delighted to find a cinnabar moth on our last trip to the environement centre something we had not seen before!

You can download the Nature Scavenger Hunt here: 

If you have a go at the Nature Scavenger Hunt, I’d love to see.
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