Space Day!

Day 7 - Space Dayletter
Rory is massively into space and when he grows up he wants to be an astronaut, specifically he wants to be the first man to walk on Pluto.  He definitely knows how to dream big but who knows what scientific breakthroughs will happen in the next few years.  Maybe he’ll achieve his ambition.

So I decided that during the school holidays I would set up a Space Day for him.  When he woke up he found a letter from Major Tim Peak.  I hope he doesn’t mind.  I imagine he’d be quite pleased that we were encouraging Rory to pursue a career in STEM.  The letter informed him that he’d need to wear space cadet uniform (he had an astronaut costume for Christmas) and ran through a few of the activities we were going to be trying out.
After breakfast, it was time to begin Space Cadet Training.  Everyone knows that yogaastronauts need to be very fit and so to get warmed up, we began the day with space yoga.  There are quite a few Space Yoga guides on Pinterest but as I didn’t feel like an expert in this field I used a video from YouTube.
The one we used was from the Cosmic Kids Youtube channel and it was called Mike and Muttnik on The Moon –

The yoga took us on an adventure up to the moon which led nicely on to the next moon rocks 2activity.  I hid moon rocks around the garden and Rory and Rowan had to find them.  The moon rocksboth really loved this activity and in fact we often play this as a stand alone game.  Sometimes I hide the rocks for them and sometimes Rory hides them for Rowan.  The moon rocks couldn’t be anymore simply to make, just scrunch up tin foil!  When all the moon rocks had been found, I laid out a range of craters on our patio (these were old sweet tubs) and Rory tried throwing the moon rocks into them.  The further away the crater, the more points he scored.  This was good throwing practise and excellent for mental maths!

rocket kebabsAfter all that work collecting moon rocks, we needed a snack.  I set out a variety of fruit on the kitchen table and Rory made Space Rocket Fruit Kebabs.  This was a great opportunity to practise knife skills for cutting the fruit and it was fun to zoom them about whilst eating them!
Next up, we did some messy play.  The boys were playing with rockets and moon buggies in rice krispies.  I won’t lie, Rowan mainly participated in this activity by eating the Rice Krispies.  Rory enjoyed burying the vehicles in the krispies for Rowan to find which was he enjoyed too.  It was great to sit back on this one and let their imaginations run the activity.

jigsawAt this point, Rowan needed a nap and so Rory carried on his space training by completing a Space Puzzle.  This was great as he could get on with this independently whilst I looked after Rowan and the puzzle had some great facts about space on it too!

For lunch we continued with the space theme but using a star shaped cutter to make space themed cheese sandwiches.  Mummy had the offcuts for her lunch so no food was wasted!

After lunch, we made constellation viewers.  These were very simple.  All you need is a toilet roll, black paper, elastic bands, pins and a print out of some constellations.
I found this activity on Pinterest so here’s the link to it which has the instructions and the constellations to download.

The final part of the day was a space themed assault course.  Essentially we got out a range of toys, such as hula hoops, play tunnels, cones, etc and made an assault course to have a go at.

It really was an extremely fun day and covered a great range of learning too!
If you have any questions, do pop them in the comments.  If you’d like a copy of the letter I used to launch the day, do let me know.

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  1. This is the most wonderful idea!! It’s captured my imagination, so I can only imagine how amazed and excited the boys were! If I ever get myself this impressively organised, I’m going to give it a try!


  2. […] For a very long time Rory has told us that he wants to be the first person to explore Pluto.  He has grand ambitions of becoming an astronaut and who knows maybe one day we’ll be watching him on the news exploring the far reaches of space!  It is wonderful when you can find activities to fuel children’s passions.  We find ourselves doing lots of fantastic science activities and we even had a special Space Day […]

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