The Jelly Spacemen: Cruise To Earth


“Hands up, who wants to go on a space holiday?

Now, you can! Get on board the Jelly Cruiser with the fantastic four Jelly Spacemen and their guests as they whizz through space on their mystery tours across the galaxies. And look out—this time, they’re heading for Earth!

Release the batter splatter and get ready for take-off…”

Mummy’s Review

There’s something so intriguing about space.  It’s infinite possibilities of what could be living on other worlds.  In our household, we love Space.  Rory’s ambition is to be an astronaut and to be the first person to walk on Pluto.  It’s a grand ambition, especially as we haven’t walked on Mars yet but the speed we make technological advances and with his drive and determination who knows what he could achieve!

We really want to encourage his ambitions and you may have read in my previous blog post that I put together a Space Day for him.  We were absolutely delighted when we were kindly gifted a copy of The Jelly Spacemen: Cruise To Earth.  The perfect subject matter for our budding astronaut.


Having a quick flick through before we read it, you are immediately drawn to the illustrations.  Drawn in a very similar style to Quentin Blake, their quirky edge is a perfect match for this story.  The bright, vivid colours work so well for this funny tale.

At the beginning, we are introduced to the members of the crew.  I’m sure children will find that there is someone who they will relate to.  There is Captain Glam who leads the crew and is very wise.  Gizmo who is an amazing engineer and has a tool for all occasions, Giggle who loves to entertain people and Grub who is kind and is always trying to help.  Grub is the underdog of the story as he is about to lose his job!

You are immediately thrown into the world of intergalactic tourists and their amazing holiday.  They are travelling on a Jelly Cruiser to a mystery destination.  There are so many places to visit in space that they just couldn’t fit them all into the brochure so the Captain keeps it a surprise and has a big party to reveal the destination.  We absolutely loved the comical ways in which the jelly cruiser flies with commands such as ‘Fire up the Jelly Squirter!’ and ‘Release the hydro wobblevent’

It first appears that the story is going to revolve around a selection of aliens who are taking a holiday on Earth and accidentally gatecrash a Halloween BBQ.  However, the story takes a turn when Grub is kidnapped and taken off to join the circus.  The alien tourists then have to set about rescuing him and an exciting adventure begins.

The story will have you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next whilst keeping your entertained with funny moments and comically named characters and items!  The characters are so likeable with each one’s strange foibles adding a little something to the story.  We were disappointed to reach the end and really hope that there will be further books with the adventures of the Jelly Cruiser crew!  We would definitely book a cruise with Jelly Holidays.

Rory’s Review

Have you ever wanted to go on holiday in Space?
Now you can! Just jump aboard The Jelly Cruiser and travel with Jelly Holidays.  Find out more in this amazing book – The Jelly Spacemen: Cruise To Earth by Sallie Moss.  You will be sucked in but look out for black holes especially if there a hungry black mole inside it!  Meet Captain Glam, Gizmo, Giggle and Grub who will take you on fantastic adventures throughout the universe and you will meet Angel People from The Rainbow Starburst, Talking Frogs from Mudbath Minor, Mr & Mrs Teapot from Trymeon and lots more.  Their next destination is Earth but things go wrong when Grub is kidnapped and taken away to the circus! An even more exciting adventure begins as the holiday makers hatch a plan to rescue him but this means coming face to face with a very hungry lion called Henry! You will love this book because it’s very funny, especially the names of the tools, and exciting.  It has large, colourful pictures which really add to the story.  It ends on a fantastic cliff hanger which will leave you wanting more.  I cannot wait for Sallie Moss to write the sequel so I can find out what happens next.  I would give this awesome book 10/10.

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  1. Brilliant! We recently took our sons to the National Space Centre and it captured their imagination, they were in awe! I bought them a factual book about space, but I’d like to get some more story books too, so this looks like a great recommendation.

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