Too Many Socks

Too Many Socks

by Kerry & Adam Del Giudice 

Too Many Socks

“Junior has been given the task of cleaning up his room but he has a BIG problem! His room has been completely overrun with Too Many Socks! At first, Junior is overwhelmed.  With a little guidance from Dad, and his helpful dog, Cloud, junior becomes more confident.  The trio race against the clock to get the job done”

Mummy’s Review

The scene is all too familiar to parents across the world – a messy bedroom filled with socks.  Not just one or two socks but millions of socks.  Where do they all come from? Some with partners and some without.  Adam and Kerry Del Giudice capture this scenario wonderfully in their fantastic picture book, Too Many Socks.  Junior’s Mum has gone out and by the time she gets back she expects to see a tidy bedroom.  However, Junior is overwhelmed by all the socks.  Thankfully, Dad is on hand to teach him that sometimes a task can seem completely overwhelming however when you break it down it can become achievable especially when you have the help of your Dad and your wonderful dog, Cloud! As well as a fantastic lesson in how to over come a tricky task, the story also teaches about matching and finding pairs.  The story is perfect for little ones as the story rhymes so it is wonderful to listen to and easy to join with.  The story is accompanied by vibrant and colourful pictures which enhance the story further.  You will find yourself giggling along with your child at Junior’s predicament.  I know this is a book we will return to again and again as a bedtime story.

Rory’s Review

Have you ever had a job that was too hard to handle?
Well, Junior tackles a room that’s surprisingly overrun with SOCKS!  Not just ordinary socks – there are stripy socks, spotty socks, every sock you can imagine. With Dad and their dog, Cloud’s help, can they get all the socks sorted before Mum comes home?
This absolutely epic book rhymes and is brilliantly fun to read.  The front cover looks exciting and will catch your attention making you wonder ‘Why are there so many socks?  The story uses some funny vocabulary.   Joke tellers will like this book because it is extremely funny.  The pictures are colourful and full of detail.  I really enjoyed reading this book to my little brother Rowan who really enjoyed it too.  I would really recommend this book and would give it 10/10.

Too Many Socks is available to buy on Amazon as an eBook and Paperback 

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  1. Oh socks drive me mad! I find them everywhere in my daughters’s bedrooms. This sounds like a good book for them. I wonder would it teach them any lessons on putting their own socks away?! #KCACOLS

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