What if a wolf doesn’t want to be wild?
Brothers Wolfie and Wilfie are taunted and teased by the wolf pack for not being scary, or growly or snarly and pressured to change to be ‘part of the pack’. But as the pack pounces on Granny’s basket of pies, Wolfie and Wilfie bravely come to her rescue…
This book opens up conversations about peer pressures and gives children the confidence to do the right thing and ultimately, stay true to who they really are.

Mummy’s Review
Lately, Rory and I have been really fortunate to read some fantastic books which support children with some of the big feelings they are experiencing. Sometimes, emotions can be hard to talk about when you are young and reading a story can help support children with how they are feeling. You may have seen our review of Otto and the Angry Donga, which is a great example of this and letting children know that its ok to be angry. You just need to deal with your anger in a positive way.

I was absolutely delighted when Annette from 3 Little Buttons told me that she had teamed up with Dawn White to write a children’s book. They very kindly gifted me a copy to read with Rory. Wild follows the tale of two wolves called Wolfie and Wilfie who decide that they don’t want to conform and be a stereotypical wolf. Instead, they choose to be kind and have polite manners. Despite being teased by the other wolves for not being more wolf like, they still choose the do the right thing and to protect Granny and discover that there are delicious rewards for choosing this path. This wonderful story explores the theme of peer pressure and bullying in a really child friendly way. Even though the story is about wolves, the situation that Wolfie and Wilfie find themselves in will be one that is familiar to many children making the story very easy to relate to.

The story’s characters and setting are so familiar from fairy tales that have been told from generation to generation. However, in Wild, we seem Wolfie and Wilfie smashing the traditional stereotypes and choosing to be who they want to be, which is such an empowering message for little ones.

I absolutely love the language used to tell the story and children will pick up some fantastic vocabulary from reading this book. The choice of adjectives and adverbs are amazing and they will transport your imagination to be right in the midst of the story.
“Thundering barks and horrifying howls echoed in Wolfie and Wilfie’s ears”
The illustrations are so expressive and wonderfully convey how the characters are feeling and are a great accompaniment to the story. When teamed with the brilliant story telling language, they really bring the story to life.

We really enjoyed reading Wild and it is a book that I can imagine we will be picking up to read again and again. Any child’s bookcase would be enhanced by having a copy of Wild added to it.

Rory’s Review
What would you do if you were teased for being different?
Wilfie and Wolfie were relaxing when HOOOOOOWWWWL! The wolf pack starting teasing them because they were different. Suddenly the wolf pack scarpered but not because they were scared. Then ‘HEEEEEEELP’ screamed Granny. What had happened to Granny? Had the wolf pack hurt her? Who could help her?
The cover is intriguing and will make you want to read the book. The pictures are on every page and really illustrate the story. My favouritre characters are Wolfie and Wilfie because they are unique and kind in their pack. My favourite part is when the pack eat the crumbs because it is funny and the wolves are taught a lesson. This story is a celebration of being unique and not following the rest of the pack. I would give it 10/10.

We were kindly gifted this book for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. As a young childless woman, I don’t come into contact with children’s books terribly often. Reviews like yours and books like this remind me how important it is for there to be good, solid children’s stories available. I’m glad to see that Demetriou, White, and Sonderegger teamed up to produce one such book.

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  2. What an absolutely smashing review of WILD! Thank you SO much Sarah-Marie and Rory. This completely made my day. We are so thrilled that you enjoyed the story. Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xxx


  3. This is such a sweet book and we loved it in our house! Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories (please remember to complete commenting by 9pm Fridays to be in with a chance of being top commenter and getting a backlink)

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