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When I was growing up, no one recycled really – other than the odd drinks can perhaps.  I can remember when I was getting towards the end of Primary School, they situated a newspaper recycling bin in our school.  It was very exciting and everyone wanted to recycle their papers (even though it was just essentially throwing it in an oversized bin!)  I really just had one Aunt who seemed to care about the environment.  I remember her buying me a book about looking after the environment which came with stickers of a frog saying its cool to be green.

I look back on those days and I realise just how far we have come.  In our area, we are able to recycle plastic, glass and paper.  It’s very little hassle as it all goes into one bin so we don’t even have to sort it.  Most weeks our recycling bin is far fuller than our landfill.  And yet, I look at our shopping when it is delivered and I see how much plastic it is covered in and  I do feel guilty about the impact we are having on our planet.  At some point we are going to reach a stage where there will be no more space to dump the waste we keep creating.

So what can I do to help the situation?
It often feels like we are just one person and can we really make that much of an impact?
If lots of people all make a small impact, surely that would result in a big impact! (Well I hope so anyway.)

I’ve been following with great interest Life In Fife’s May Makeover.  Each day of May, she is sharing something small you can change to help reduce your plastic consumption and waste and to be a little more eco friendly.

May Makeover

Inspired by this, I decided that I would make a small change in my life and try recycled toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap.  Here follows my honest review.
They haven’t paid me or gifted me their product.  I walked into our local plastic free shop to buy a roll to test…

The first thing that struck me whilst perusing their website is the increase in cost.  On the surface, it does appear to be quite a bit more expensive than a usual brand of toilet paper.  The roll in the middle is smaller allowing Who Gives A Crap to make double length rolls.  Because of the smaller roll in the middle, it still fits on a standard toilet roll holder.  Many users reported that it lasts longer and so although the initial cost is higher, the difference isn’t so much because the product lasts longer.

One of the major criticisms leveled at this toilet paper is that the toilet roll sheets are smaller.  That is definitely the case however I have found I use the same number of sheets and haven’t really noticed a difference in my toilet paper experience.
(Too much information about my toilet roll consumption I feel!)

We have been using the standard 3 ply toilet paper and whilst it may not be quite as soft as the golden labrador’s toilet roll, it is my no means hard or rough.  I’m going to wipe my bottom with it and not go to sleep under it so I think its ‘softness’ is absolutely fine.

Another criticism I have noticed is that the sheets aren’t perforated well and so it is hard to separate them.  Maybe this is something that Who Gives A Crap have taken into consideration and improved upon because I have not found this to be the case at all.

As well as being 100% recycled, the toilet roll is also wrapped in paper and is delivered in a cardboard box so straight away I am reducing my plastic as my toilet rolls aren’t packaged in a plastic bag.    Each toilet roll is wrapped in a very jolly covering which is quite fun and means they make a rather eye catching display!


The other factor that really appeals to me is that 50% of their profits goes towards building toilets for those in need.  According to their website, they have donated over £1million to charity.  That’s on top of the trees, energy and water they have saved.

I have been really pleased with our Who Gives A Crap toilet roll so much so that we have ordered a box of 48 rolls.  I would wholeheartedly recommend them.  If you fancy making the swap too, by clicking here, you’ll receive £5 off your first order.


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  1. I am so worried about the state of our environment, I worry for our children’s future.

    I honestly think anything we can do to help has to be a priority.

    Great post, I’m off to look at the site now x

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  2. I think it’s all about small changes and awareness, like you I never gave recycling a thought growing up, no one did, now awareness brings social responsibility. Loo roll is as good a place to start as any #DreamTeam

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  3. I’ve heard of them, but never tried before. Think I’ll give them a go, every little thing we can do makes a difference.


  4. I’ve been writing to my favorite brand and asking them to consider wrapping their rolls in something other than plastic. They’ve finally responded saying they are making the switch within the next year. YEAH! #GlobalBlogging

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  5. I’ve never heard of this product before. However, I like the fact that they make and use all recycled products. I also think the colored paper wrappings are definitely cute. Considering I believe in global warming, anything we can do to help our environment is a win for us as a whole.

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  6. I hadn’t heard of these before and it didn’t occur to me that toilet paper wouldn’t be made in a sustainable way. I’m very aware of my plastic usage and the toilet paper I buy does come in plastic wrapping which is very annoying. I’m definitely going to do some more research on it. Love the paper wrapping!

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  7. I really need to try this. It’s making changes like this that make all the difference. Thanks for sharing its great to hear how you got on with it. #KCACOLS

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  8. I absolutely love the packaging humour of the Who Gives a Crap brand. I used it at our BnB for a while . Not only was it eco friendly but I loved that each roll was individually wrapped so guests knew of its credentials. However I now use Cheeky Monkey which is made from bamboo and is so much stronger and softer, although lacks the comedy and individual wrapping.

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  9. What a great effort you are making. It is commendable. I would love to say that I am doing more than the standard recycling but I’m not. If I see this around I will give it a try or at least something in the same area. #KCACOLS


  10. Couldn’t agree more! I love them. We live in a small flat so we share boxes with a neighbour taking it in turns to buy. The cute paper means we display them on top of a unit for storage. They are a great taking point for visitors. Helping spread the word! Would recommend buying the recycled over the bamboo as this helps increase demand for recycled paper over new plant based paper. #GoingGreenLinky

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  11. Right… I’ve got a slightly different perspective on this, I think, from having grown up in Sweden, and lived most of my life there (although now living in the UK since a few years back). Recycling has been around for most of my life, and from what I’ve learnt (which perhaps needs revising, I’m not saying it’s all 100% accurate and up to date), not all plastic is created equal and nor is all paper. There is eco-friendly plastic, some of which is fine to put on a compost and which will break down to just water and CO2. There is plastic which can be easily recycled, while other types cannot. And there is paper which is bleached or not, using chlorine or not, recycled or not, etc.
    I’m not convinced that using printed (eco-friendly??) paper, which looks bleached to me(?) and wrapping each roll individually is eco-friendlier than using plastic (especially if an eco-friendly, biodegradable type of plastic)? And the transport..? Hmm…
    I’m just not convinced… I feel there’s a lot of “greenwashing” going on in the UK at the mo (probably in many other countries too) and many companies making a profit by playing on people’s conscience.
    Or perhaps it’s my cynical mind playing tricks on me? 😉
    Either way, your review is very thourough, so thanks for that! x

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    • You are definitely right about companies trying to cash in on being green. I saw a company selling a telescopic metal straw for £14. That is definitely jumping on the eco band wagon. At the moment, there aren’t many places, at least near us, where you can recycle the soft plastics that wrap things like toilet rolls so the fact that it comes in a cardboard box is reducing our single use plastics. I do agree that the funky wrappers are a bit of a gimic but at least they can be recycled. There is another company that sells them without the wrappers but unfortunately its based in the Netherlands so the cost of P&P is higher (and surely the carbon footprint is higher to transport it from overseas)
      It’s very tricky and you have to hope that companies who claim to be helping the environment are. If nothing else, 50% of their profits are going to build toilets in the developing world which has to be a good thing.

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      • It’s weird how soft plastics isn’t recycled everywhere. Where we live, plastic bags and film/wrapping goes in our green recycling bin (and I’m assuming that the council makes sure that it’s properly recycled once they’ve collected the bins!). I think it’s very odd that so many places in the UK lack proper recycling, there’s certainly much room for improvements xx

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  12. Coming to your blog from Monday Morning Blog Club. As I scanned your blog post list, I will have to say this title caught my attention. And I’m giggling at the name of the toilet paper. Brilliant!

    My husband and I moved from the state of California to the state of Nevada a few years back. In California they charge shoppers 10 cents per bag to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags to the store. Nevada doesn’t have any such requirement (although I wish they would). But California trained us well and we still often take our own bags to the store.

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    • Similarly, in the UK we are charged 5 pence per carrier bag so people have got so much better about taking reusable bags shopping with them. Such a small change but I’m sure it’s having a big impact.


  13. I would certainly like to look more into exactly how sustainable this product is – I am not saying it isn’t but there are too many businesses out there jumping on the eco bandwagon and not being totally transparent with their products that I’d rather dig a bit deeper before dashing to order some. I’d like to know about the manufacturing process, chemicals used and transportation. I love though that that donate money to good toilet causes! I currently use a toilet paper made from recycled paper, which is thinner than other more luxury brands (but does the job just as well) and is safe to use in our septic tank – thicker brand clog up the thin French pipes too easily. Yes it does come wrapped in plastic and I will be writing to the manufacturer to ask if there are plans to change this. A n interesting post to add to #GoingGreen and one to help everyone realise how we need to look at everything when it comes to living more sustainably.

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  14. What a great name for toilet paper, hopefully that will encourage people to buy it and help to save our dieing planet#stayclassymama@_karendennis

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  15. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it sounds like they are certainly doing their bit to look after our planet. I LOVE the name and the funky wrapping. 😊 Thanks for sharing with #MMBC

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