Paper Pumpkin Lanterns

In yesterday’s Blogtober post, I suggested using paper lanterns to practise cutting straight lines.  This time of the year, you may be getting ready for a Halloween party so why not decorate with some fantastic pumpkin lanterns.

You will need:IMG_9255
An A4 piece of orange card
A strip of green card (or you could cut a strip off of your orange card to use as the handle)
Glue Stick
A Sharpie

Here’s what you need to do:

First, fold your piece of card in half long ways.


Next unfold your card and add a pumpkin face.  Pop your eyes above the fold, the nose on the fold line and a smile underneath.  Fold your card back in half and lightly draw lines about an 2cm apart from the fold which stop about 2cm from the top.  Make sure you leave the border at the top or else you’ll else up with lots of strips of card rather than a lantern!
If you don’t want to see your pencil lines, you could fold it with the picture on the inside and draw your lines on the reverse.


Keeping your card folded,  cut from the fold up your pencil lines.



Then, unfold the card and glue the first strip of your lantern.
Be generous with your glue to ensure it sticks.


Now curve your card around and stick the other end to the glued strip.
A little tip – you can use a clothes peg on the top and bottom to hold it in place whilst the glue sticks.


Finally, you just need to add a handle.  Simply curve the green strip over and tape it to the inside of your lantern.


Why not let your imagination go wild – you could make a fantastic witch or monster with green card.  Tell me all about your lantern creations in the comments.


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