Blogtober: Day 13 – Swimming and Singing!

Swim Sing

If you follow my blog, then it’ll be no secret to you that I love singing and believe it is so beneficial to the development of children.  Could you believe my delight when I discovered that our local leisure centre has a class for babies to pre school that incorporates both swimming and singing!

When I was at Primary School, the school I attended was very small – just 60 children in the entire school.  This meant that, from Year 2 upwards, every Monday we would be taken to the local swimming pool for lessons.  At first I loved it and it was a great challenge to move from the small pool to the big pool and get my 10m badge.  However, the teachers tried to progress me too quickly and whilst swimming in the deeper end, I got into trouble and started sinking.  No one did anything assuming I’d just pop back up.  Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, but realistically was probably a few seconds someone finally decided to offer me a stick with a hoop on the end to aid me to the side.  But the damage was done.  I would do anything to get out of swimming – feign illness, hide my kit, you get the idea.
It wasn’t until many years later that I had a summer job at university teaching kids sport and part of that was swimming.  The kids loved pushing the instructors into the water.  There and then I decided that either they were going to shove me in or I had to bite the bullet and jump.  It was kill or cure and following a summer holidays of bombing and belly flops, I found my love of swimming again!

The reason I tell you this story is because I would never want my boys to fear the water like I did so I wanted them to be introduced to swimming from an early age which brings us back to swimming and singing.  Our local class is called Aqua Babes and it encourages the little ones to be happy in the water.  The songs are similar each week as children love routine.  We always start with the Wheels on the Bus.  When we get to the horn, the children are encourage to splash in the water so they get used to being splashed and not mind this.  The engine on the bus involves blowing bubbles with the water.  Again encouraging them to be comfortable with having their face in the water.  There are also songs which involve watering cans so children get used to water touching their hands and heads. (These are usually songs which involve rain such as Incy Wincy Spider, I Hear Thunder and It’s Raining It’s Pouring) Finally there’s a song which involves jumping off the side – this is usually Humpty Dumpty.  This is to teach them what to do should they ever fall into a pool.  They get used to the sensation so they don’t panic and know to swim for the side.    It’s such an amazing array of skills being taught from a young age but all through fun and song.

I would thoroughly recommend seeing if your local leisure centre has something similar!

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