Heart Caterpillar Bookmark Craft

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we love a seasonal craft activity. Having two huge bookworms in the house makes this craft absolutely perfect. I’ve written in the past about how important it is for children to practise using scissors and this is a great way to practise those cutting skills too.

There are two ways in which you can make this caterpillar and you can choose which is best for you and your children. At the bottom of this post, there is a free downloadable template for this craft. You can choose to colour in the template and cut out each section or you can use the download as a template to cut the shapes onto coloured card. Both caterpillars will look fantastic.

To make a caterpillar bookmark you will need:
– The Caterpillar Bookmark Template
– Coloured Card
– Felt Tips
– One Pipe Cleaner
– Googly Eyes or Sticky Eyes
– Scissors
– A Glue Stick

First, draw around the shapes onto coloured card or colour in the shapes on the template and then cut them out. If you are going to colour in the template, I would recommend printing it onto white card so your bookmark isn’t floppy. You should have two large circles for the head, five large hearts for the body, four small hearts for the antennae and two tiny hearts for the caterpillar’s rosy cheeks.

Next, we are going to make our caterpillar’s face. Take one of your circles and stick on your eyes and tiny hearts for the cheeks. Use a pen to draw on a smiley mouth.

Now our head needs some antennae. Cut your pipe cleaner so you have two pieces which are about 8cm long. Glue one of your small hearts and put one piece of pipe clearer on top. Then glue another heart and stick that onto the first heart so the pipe cleaner is sandwiched in between the two hearts. Repeat this process so your caterpillar has two antennae.

Take the other circle which you have not decorated and cover one side in glue. Lay your antennae onto the gluey side. Once you are happy with their position, glue the back of your caterpillar’s face and pop it on top of the gluey circle so the ends of the antennae are sandwiched inside.

Using your glue, stick the first large heart to the bottom of your caterpillar’s face. Keep sticking the hearts on top of each other in a layered way until your have formed your caterpillar’s body.
As a final touch, you may like to bend your pipe cleaners so your caterpillar has curly antennae.

You can download the template for the Caterpillar Bookmark here:

If you make a Caterpillar Bookmark, I’d love to see your creations. 
Do tag me in your photographs on social media.
I can be found on Instagram – @tiredbutcraftymummy,
Facebook and on Twitter – @TiredButCrafty1  

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