Valentines Acts of Kindness

When Christmas is over, I always feel like there is a bit of a lull before there is something exciting to celebrate. We like to add a bit of fun to special occasions. Whilst our main celebrations happen for Easter and Christmas, we also find it fun to mark other special days in the year.

Previously, I have written about how, in our family, we leave little hearts out for each other with a note saying something we love about that person. They’re really simple things like ‘I love your funny jokes’ or ‘Thank you for reading me bedtime stories.’ We give each other one heart from 1-14th February. If you fancy giving this a go, there’s a template for the hearts you can print out here, which will save you having to draw out fourteen hearts!

This year, I thought it might be nice, as a family, to try and do an act of kindness for each day of the two weeks that run up to Valentine’s Day. As a Tawny Owl at Brownies and Rainbows, I encourage the girls to be kind and helpful. In fact, when the girls make their Promise, they promise to be kind and helpful if they’re a Rainbow or to help other people if they’re a Brownie. Leaders also make this promise too. My eldest son, Rory, is a currently a Cub Scout and their promise also encourages kindness.

Here are fourteen ideas for acts of kindness that you could try. I’ve tried to give them a theme of love and hearts. If you have a go at this challenge and try some other acts of kindness, I’d love to hear them in the comments. Also, at the bottom of the post there is a chart to record your acts of kindness. You can either colour in a heart each time you, or your child, does something kind or you could write down the act of kindness inside the heart.

  • Leave A Note To Tell Someone You Love Them
    Starting with a nice easy one, write a note for someone and let them know why they are great. It’s guaranteed to make someone’s day!
  • Create A Obstacle Course For Your Friends
    It is really important to do some exercise every day. By creating a fun obstacle course, not only are you being kind to your heart, you’re also being kind to your friends’ hearts too. Try to include some activities in your obstacle course that will get your heart rate up such as running, skipping and jumping!
  • Make A Heart Shaped Bird Feeder
    Take 100g of Lard. Leave it out of the fridge so that it is a room temperature. Chop it into little cubes and pop it into a bowl. Then add 200g of bird food. You could include bird seed, raisins, cheese and peanuts. This is the nice messy bit which children will love. Use your finger tips to rub all the bird food into the lard. Once all the lard and bird food are combined, flatten the mix onto chopping board and push in a heart shaped cookie cutter. Use a straw or a kebab stick to leave a little hole at the top so you add a string to hang it in the garden. Then pop it in the fridge until the bird feeder sets hard. Finally, pop it out of the cookie cutter, pop a string through the hole and hang it in the garden for the birds to enjoy.
  • Send A Card To A Care Home To Cheer Up A Resident
    Why not make a heart themed card and send it to your local care home. Inside you could add a lovely message such as ‘Hope you are having a wonderful day!’
    If you need some inspirations, here’s a template for making a Valentine’s Day Chicken Card
  • Make A Paper Hug
    Paper Hugs are really easy to make Simply, cut out a heart shape and decorate with a smiley face. Then add some long arms for the hug. Why not post your paper hug to someone you don’t see very often?
  • Decorate A Kind Rock
    Take a pebble and decorate it with a kind message. Then, simple leave it somewhere in your local area for someone to find!
  • Bake Heart Shaped Cookies
    Homemade gifts are a sure fire way to brighten someone’s day so why not grab an apron and get baking. Once you’ve baked your biscuits, gift them to someone special. Make sure you bake enough so you have some to enjoy too!
    Our go to biscuit recipe is always gingerbread. Our family’s recipe is here.
  • Make Heart Shaped Seed Bombs
    Seed bombs are a fantastic way to cheer up your local area by encouraging wild flowers to grow there. They are also a great way to recycle some old paper so they are kind to the environment as well as fun to make. My tutorial for how to make seed bombs is here.
  • Make A Book of Kindness Tokens
    Previously, I have made Helping Hands with my boys. These are little booklets in the shape of their hands. Each page contains a different kind task or job. They say things like ‘I Will Wash The Car’ or ‘I Will Water The Plants’ Rather than making these in the shape of hands, you could make them in the shape of a heart and they’d be perfect as a Valentine’s Gift for someone special.
  • Donate A Book To Your Community Library
    Lots of towns and villages have places where you can borrow books. Why not donate a book you have read and enjoyed for someone else to enjoy. You could make it even more special by cutting out a paper heart and writing on it why the book is brilliant. Pop your heart in the front of the book for the next person who reads it to see.
  • Do A Litter Pick
    Does your local area need a bit of love? With the help of a grown up, go on a litter pick and make the area around you look better. Make sure you keep yourself safe by using a litter grabber and / or gloves.
  • Write A Thank You Letter
    Choose someone who does something for you – this could be your teacher, postman, bin collector, doctor or anyone else you can think of and thank them for the wonderful job they do. You could draw them a colourful picture to accompany your letter.
  • Offer To Do A Job Without Being Asked
    Become a secret agent and do a job without being asked. You could pick up some toys and put them away, you could tidy your bedroom, lay the table or find another job which needs completing.
  • Make A Valentine’s Craft Using Old Paper
    As well as people, our world also needs some love. Rather than using new craft supplies, can you challenge yourself to make something with used ones? You could use off cuts which you’d usually throw in the bin or cut up paper that have already been used to make a collage or a mosaic.

If you’d like to use the Valentine’s Kindness Chart to record your kind acts, you can download it here:

If you have a go at the Valentine’s Kindness Challenge, I’d love to see.
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  1. We’re in Scotland, so we’ve got Burns Night celebrations to look forward to in Scotland, but I love your kindness challenge idea for Valentines Day. Might give a couple of these a go with the kids.


  2. I love the bird feeder – what a great idea. We have a mens shelter (Wayside Chapel) that if you pay to donate clean underwear or a shower or mental health care, they then send a valentines day card for you (either by email or post). That’s a sweet way to do good at the same time. Thanks for joining in at #KCACOLS


  3. This is such a sweet idea. I also love the idea of getting friends and family to join in too. We’re a bit late for the lead up to Valentine’s Day, but we’ll definitely give the hearts a go. Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xxx


  4. Love the range of ideas here from the personal to the global differences that can be made, showing love to friends and family as well as the wider community. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories


  5. Love the idea of valentine acts of kindness. This list is great. I especially like making Heart Shaped Seed Bombs, decorating A Kind Rock and leaving A Note To Tell Someone You Love Them. Thanks for sharing this post to our last linkup #KCACOLS xx


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