Gravitrax Review

We were kindly gifted the Gravitrax Obstacle Starter Set to review. I was absolutely delighted to collaborate with Gravitrax as Gravitrax has been a firm favourite toy in our house for a few years now.

If you haven’t heard of Gravitrax before, it is an ‘interactive track system’ which comprises of a variety of components. These come together to be built into exciting tracks for a ball to whizz down. The Gravitrax starter set provides you with everything you need to make tracks. The set includes the basics such as hexagons which help to direct the ball, tracks for the balls to run along and blocks to change the height of your tracks. Excitingly, the Gravitrax Obstacle starter set also includes a variety of fun tricks which enhance the building experience. These include trampolines, a zip wire, helter skelter and transfers, which remind me of flowers on long stems which pass the ball to each other.

When Rory started out with Gravitrax, he used the instruction manual to guide him in how to build the tracks. However, it didn’t take long for him to branch out for himself and make his own designs. Your imagination is the only limit. The set comes with six balls. You can choose for all the balls to travel the same way, or you can begin to set up several different routes. I really love the problem solving aspect of Gravitrax. A good example of this would be the trampolines. The idea is that the ball lands onto the trampoline and then bounces off onto the next part of the track. However, the ball needs to have enough momentum to continue its journey, or else it’ll land on the trampoline and stay there. Today, Rory was experimenting with dropping the ball from different heights to see which gave the optimum results – too tall and the ball may bounce off the wrong way but too low and the ball may not bounce off at all.

Once you have the starter set, you can then expand your track with a variety of extensions. We found that these made great ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts. The prices range from around £8-£20 for these expansions which I think is quite good value too. One of our favourite expansions is the volcano as this sends balls in three different directions.

With my teacher head on, Gravitrax is a toy which I’d be more than happy to let my children play with because without realising it they are learning so much. As well as the afore mentioned problem solving skills, Gravitrax provides children with the chance to be creative and to try out some practical engineering.

We have spent many happy hours together creating tracks with Gravitrax and each one is completely different to the last. Rory often builds tracks and then lets his little brother run the balls along them. We would thoroughly recommend Gravitrax for fun for all the family.

We were kindly gifted the Gravitrax Obstacle Starter Set for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. We have only just discovered Gravitrax and it is awesome, I have been so impressed with this kit and I didn’t realise we could get expansions so I will have to keep and eye out for the volcano one! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time


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