Easter Bunny Drive

Like many people across the country, each week we have been having a family Zoom meeting. Four different households from varying parts of the country get together for a bit of fun. We started off with various quizzes and then have tried to shake things up with games. Recently, we had a go at a beetle drive. Each person had a sheet and each household shared a dice. It was great fun. It got me thinking that it would be really fun to make an Easter version of the game so instead of having a Beetle Drive, it could be an Easter Bunny drive.

If you haven’t competed in a Beetle Drive before the concept is very easy. You roll a dice and each number corresponds with a part of the beetle,. You have to race to roll all the correct numbers to get your beetle drawn before the other players. Once your beetle is drawn, you have to shout BEETLE! To make it a bit trickier, you have to roll six in order to get started as you have to have a body to attach the other body parts too and you can’t add your antennae until you have a head.

The rules to the Easter Bunny Drive are just the same as a beetle drive but rather than drawing a beetle, you are racing to draw an Easter Bunny face. The Easter Bunny’s head has two parts. You need to throw a 6 to get started. For that, you can draw a sausage shape or an oval for the bottom of his face. Once you have this part you can roll 1 or 2 and these will give you his nose and mouth. You can also roll a 5 which will give you the rest of his head. However, you can only roll 3 and 4 once you have the top part of his head as this is his eyes and ears. Each bunny must be anatomically correct – you can’t have a bunny with three ears to score extra points! You can only roll the dice once for each turn. If you already have a body part, you just have to wait until you next turn to roll again. It’s definitely a game which is far more complicated to explain than it is to play!

When someone has drawn their whole bunny, they shout out BUNNY! as loud as they can. At this point, all the other players stop too. The players have to add up how much they have drawn.. You get the same points for each item as you needed to roll to draw them so 6 for the bottom of the head, 5 for the top of the head, etc. The winner will get 28 points as they have all their bunny drawn.

You can then continue to play further rounds. There is enough room on the sheet to play 12 rounds but you can play as long as you wish. When you have completed your game, the players add up their scores from all the rounds you have played. The player with the highest score wins.

If you fancy having a go at the Easter Bunny Drive, you can download the player sheets here but do be warned this game will bring out your competitive side!

If you have a go at the Easter Bunny Drive, I’d love to see.
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  1. This is a great idea. We love beetle drives and this is a great way to do an Easter-themed one. We’re definitely going to give this version a go over the Easter boliday. #MMBC

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  2. That’s a great idea and I am sure there was something like this when I was a kid but I’ve completely forgotten about it until reading your post! Thanks, we’re giving this game a go!

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