GreaterSkies Star Map

What do you buy for the person who has everything?
Well he might not have everything, but he doesn’t want anything either.
My husband Richard, is extremely difficult to buy gifts for. If you ask him what he’d like, he usually just responds with ‘You don’t need to waste money on me’ or ‘Spend it on the boys instead’ As Valentine’s Day rolled around again I found myself pondering the age old question, what to buy this year? I got out my fingers and toes and worked out that this would be our 14th Valentines Day together and as I sit here writing this, I have not got a clue what I have bought on the previous thirteen Valentine’s Days suggesting they couldn’t have be that amazing! You’d think after all that time together, we’d know each other so well buying gifts would be a breeze!

I was absolutely delighted when GreaterSkies came to my aid and gifted me one of their amazing Star Maps. This is the perfect gift for our family. From a very young age, my eldest son has wanted to be an astronaut. Whilst other loves have come and gone as Rory has grown up, his enthusiasm for this career path hasn’t waned over the years. During Lockdown, he has completed two space projects and has now decided that he would like to focus on becoming a robotics engineer and this will be the path that will take him into space. As a family, we have quickly been drawn into Rory’s love of all things astronomical, with countless chilly evenings spent spotting things in the sky usually the ISS, trips to places like the Science Museum and National Space Centre and spending hours watching the full coverage of rocket launches.

What better gift for a family who love space than a Star Map. I decided, as its for Valentines Day, that it should be a Star Map which reflected myself and Richard and so I chose a map of the stars above our Wedding Day. The map was extremely easy to create. There is a choice of four different designs and also a range of colour options. I went for quite a simple design in black which I felt looked very elegant. There are also designs which would be great for marking the birth of a child and would look fantastic in a nursery. Once you have chosen your design, you simply add the location, date and time of the event and GreaterSkies will create your special Star Map. You can also add some personalisation. There is an area for a title for your star map. We went for ‘The Stars Above Our Wedding.’ There is then space for an additional five lines of text which we used for our names, wedding date and a little quote about love.

The Star Map arrived really quickly and I was super impressed with the quality. It is absolutely gorgeous and I could not wait to give it to Richard. I was so excited I had to share it with someone and so I let Rory have a sneaky peak who agreed that Daddy was going to love it. For years to come, I won’t be wondering what I gave Richard for Valentine’s Day because we are both able to enjoy our gorgeous Star Map which now hangs proudly in our home.

As well as the print, there is also a high quality download included within your order and this can be sent as an eCard. There are eCard designs for a variety of occasions including Christmas, Valentines and a general celebration as well as some other non event specific designs.

My only criticism of our GreaterSkies Star Map is that it is so beautiful and has set the bar so high for Valentine’s Day gifts so what on Earth will I buy Richard next year?

GreaterSkies Star Maps are available from their website.

I was kindly gifted the GreaterSkies Star Map for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


  1. My husband is impossible! I have gotten him a megladon tooth in the past. This anniversary I got him a face mask with Gough Whitlam’s Iconic “It’s time!” campaign plastered on the front. It just gets harder and harder, and weirder and weirder to find what he might like! #KCACOLS

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  2. Oh we got something like this for a friend, they are such a cool gift. They are really into space and thought it was the perfect gift for them. Thank you so much for linking up with us for #kcacols and we hope that you come and join us next time.

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  3. What a fabulous idea for a Valentine’s gift. We never do gifts for Valentines but even after nearly 21 years together, I don’t always find it easy to come up with gift ideas. I love how you can personalise the star map tos how the stars on significant dates. Love Rory’s plan for getting to space too. He’s clearly thought it through! #MMBC

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