Parents’ Summer Challenge

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My son, Rory and I have started a tradition to mark the start of the Summer Holidays by writing a bucket list of all the activities we would like to do together during the break.  We recently shared this year’s Summer Challenge.  I had quite a few people say that us grown ups need a Summer Challenge too so I put my thinking cap on and came up with a tongue in cheek Parent’s Summer Challenge.

I am really looking forward to getting stuck into these activities especially trying out new wines based solely on the prettiness of their labels!  Which challenges do you think you’d be able to achieve and which are impossible?

Don’t forget to print off the challenge and stick it on your fridge so you can see how many challenges you’ve completed over the summer holidays.
There’s a free printable of the challenge here:
Parents Summer Challenge Printable 2020

If you think there are other tasks which should be added to the challenge, do let me know in the comments.

Adult Summer Challenge Printable 2020

If you have a go at any of our Summer Challenge Activities, I’d love to see.
Do tag me in your photographs on social media.
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  1. I love these! I would love to go to the toilet uninterrupted! If it’s not my 12 year old it’s my 40 year old fiancé wanting to ask me something!

    In fact going in to work is my only chance to pee alone!

    I’m definitely going to work through this, might start with the wine!!


  2. Not to sound smug but my 3 love a lie in, so I often get to sleep after 8am. They still come and see me when I am on the toilet though!

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  3. This is great, it really made me smile! And I really need to print it off and put it up on my fridge as a reminder that I need to look after myself too! I love the one about sneaking licks off your child’s ice-cream under the pretence of trying to stop it from dripping – I do this all the time!! Brilliant, thanks for sharing with us here at #globalblogging

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