Easter Bunny Breakfast

Lots of people this year have asked me about how I will be making Easter special this year as we are all stuck at home.  I thought this would be a great time to share some photos and thoughts from our Easter Bunny Breakfast last year.

First of all, you may be wondering what an Easter Bunny Breakfast is.  It is simply a breakfast (although in our house, it’s usually more of a brunch!) themed around Easter.  For many years, we have done a Christmas themed North Pole Breakfast.  A couple of years ago, I thought why not do it for Easter too?  We usually don’t do it on Easter Sunday so that is is a ‘Surprise.’ It’s not really a surprise as its a tradition we do every year but then the children don’t know when to expect it.  That said, this year I think we need a bit of extra magic for Easter Sunday so I expect we will do it on the day!

When Rory was little he wasn’t very keen on chocolate and so he started writing to the Easter Bunny to ask if he could have a small gift instead of an Easter Egg.  It was usually a book.  Sadly, his dislike of chocolate didn’t last but he does always write to the Easter Bunny still.  He likes to ask about the latest happenings on Easter Islands.  They’re practically penpals!   When the Easter Bunny writes back, he sends the breakfast with his reply to say thank you for writing.


The night before I decorate the room and the table.  I move our Easter Tree into our dining room and hang some bunting and other decorations around the room.

The table is decorating with a fake grass runner and Easter placemats and coasters (all from Poundland).  We then use Easter themed plates, cups and napkins.

Finally there is the themed food.  Having done quite a few Christmas and Easter breakfasts, my main piece of advice is too keep it simple.  The children will be just as excited whether or not you have a Showstopper worthy of the Bake Off or if you have some supermarket items.  Also, you have to let go of the idea of it being perfect and try not to aspire to the unrealistic heights of Pinterest!  Keep it simple so that you can enjoy it along with the kids.  Here’s a little selection of our food from last year.

IMG_2522Easter Bunny Hopping Down His Burrow
made from one large pancake and two small pancakes for his feet, blueberries and cream.

IMG_2514Easter Bunny in the Middle of Toast
Use a cookie cutter to cut out the bunny shape and butter both sides of the bread.  Separate the egg and put the white into the hole. Bake for 5 mins at 180C then carefully put the yolk onto the face area and bake for 2-3 more minutes.

IMG_2516Fruit Wands
Use a cookie cutters to make Easter shapes using melon and then add blueberries and grapes underneath. (Make sure you cut the grapes in half before they eat them!)

IMG_2535Not the most photogenic items but these are American Pancakes and Toast Bunnies.
You can cook American Pancakes in cookie cutters  so they come out in lovely shapes.  I couldn’t master this so I just made them the usual way and used the cookie cutters to shape them and likewise with the toast.

We also had some chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns too.

We love celebrating special events with food and this is such a fun way to add a little magic to Easter.  It’s always lovely to spend time together as a family!


If you have any great Easter Bunny Breakfast Food Ideas, do share them in the comments.  I’d love to hear all about your breakfasts!

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