Saluting Promise Craft

Saluting Promise Craft


After the girls return after the Summer Holidays, we always like to do a session about The Promise.  After all, they’ve had a six week break and time to forget about what being part of the guiding family is all about!  We like to break it apart and have a think about what the words mean.  They aren’t just something we learn for our enrollment but they are something much more.

When I was thinking about a craft activity to celebrate World Thinking Day, I was trying to think of the things in which all members of the GirlGuiding family all have in common no matter where they are in the world.  We all say a promise – it might not be the same wording but we all make that when we are enrolled.  We also have the same sign – our Guiding Salute.  Finally, the trefoil.  Whilst it doesn’t look quite the same and its shape may slightly differ from country to country, the emblem is constant.  I wanted to make a craft that incorporated these different elements.

As well as World Thinking Day, this craft would also be great for new starters to help them familiarise with the Promise.

What You Will Need:
Coloured Card
Wool or String
Glue Stick
Trefoil Template (Free Printable below)

The Saluting Promise Craft is very easy to make.

1.) First place your hand onto a piece of coloured card with your index, middle and ring finger together and your thumb and little finger sticking out and draw around your hand.  You can choose to draw between your fingers now or add on that detail afterwards.  Then cut it out.


2.) Next draw around the trefoil shape onto coloured card and cut it out.
The template for this is below.

3.) You can either give the girls a print out of their promise or ask them to write it out.
There is a sheet of promises for each section below which you can print out if you wish.
Once they have written out their promise or cut out the printed text, mount it on a piece of coloured card.

4.) You are now ready to assemble your craft.  Glue the middle fingers and stick them to the middle of the trefoil.  Then put a blob of glue on the thumb and stick it to the little finger so it looks like a salute.

5.) Cut a length of wool and tape one end to the back of the Promise and the other end to the back of the trefoil so the words of the Promise hang below the trefoil.

6.) Finally cut a short length of wool and make a hook by taping it to the top of the trefoil so you can hang up your Promise Craft.



Free Printable Resources:
Rainbow Promise Craft Template
Brownie Promise Craft Template
Guide Promise Craft Template
Rainbow Promise Sheet
Brownie Promise Sheet
Guide Promise Sheet 

If you make this Saluting Promise Craft, I’d love to see your creations.  Do tag me in your photographs on social media.
I can be found on Instagram – @TiredButCraftyMummy and on Twitter – @TiredButCrafty1

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  1. Great idea to revisit the promise and add a craft to it. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a craft based on this part of guiding. #mmbc

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