The Nonsense Word Game

The Nonsense Word Game


A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about our family’s Christmas traditions.   My husband’s family really enjoy playing parlour games which is not something my family really do and so I absolutely love being a part of this.  My favourite of these is ‘Dalpy’s Word Game’  When my boys’ Nanny and Great Aunt were little girls, their father, Dalpy, wrote a story all about their school day.  In this story, he left little gaps.  These were to be filled by the listeners each of whom were given a couple of cards with nonsense words to complete the story.  This means the story is always a little bit different.  Sometimes the girls have blazer with a dragon badge on and sometimes an apple core badge.  Sometimes the girls are taught by starfish and other times by sticks of chalk!
Because the story becomes completely nonsensical, it is absolutely hilarious for all the family.

In the spirit of my boys’ great grandfather’s story, I have written my own Nonsense Word Game.  I hope that Dalpy would approve!
You can play with a minimum of two people all the way up to 21 people which makes it a great game for playing at Christmas, on Pack Holidays or Camps, on long car journeys to pass time or just to have a bit of fun!

How To Play:
– Choose someone to be the narrator
– Shuffle the word cards and hand them out to the players.  If you have three or more people, don’t give any cards to the narrator so they can focus on reading the story.  If you are playing with just two people, the narrator can have words too.  The players should not look at their cards
– The narrator reads the story pausing at the gaps.  The listeners take it in turns to look at one of their cards and to fill in the gap with their word.
– When you reach the end of the story, you can shuffle the cards and play again and the story will be totally different to the one you just heard.

Here is my Nonsense Word Game Story.
Just under it, you will find a printable version of the story along with a set of cards with the random words on.

The Adventure In The Woods

It was a warm, sunny day. The ………. were flying in the sky and the ………. were frolicking playfully in the fields. “We’re bored” said the children. “We need an adventure!” so they all climbed onto their ………. to find something exciting to do. They rode quickly passed the ………., through the ………. and reached the edge of the woods where they found a statue of ………. It was getting very hot so they put ……….on their heads to keep the sun out of their eyes and rubbed ………. on their skin so they wouldn’t get sun burnt. They rushed into the woods to find ……….and ………. to build a den with. When they had finished they climbed inside to have a snack. They reached into their rucksack and pulled out a bag of ………. and a packet of ……….. to share. When their tummies were full, they headed to the pond to skim ………. It was amazing how many times they would bounce across the water.Next they decided to have a game of hide and seek. The best place to hide was behind the ………. or on top of the ………. No one ever thought to look there! Finally, they decided to jump in the muddy puddles. They didn’t want to get their shoes dirty so they took them off and put ………. on their feet. They were so busy jumping up and down that they didn’t notice the ………. coming up from the puddles and covering their clothes. They did look a state. They looked more like ………. than children. They were all very tired so they wandered home. They put their dirty clothes on top of the ………. and put on their ………. ready for dinner.

Random Words:
Old Toothbrushes     Mouldy Tomatoes     Pencil Sharpenings     Fire Breathing Dragons     Wooden Clogs      False Teeth     Spotty Frogs     Union Jack Umbrellas     Muddy Football Boots     Smelly Socks     Lumps of Coal     Stripy Underpants     Broken Tennis Rackets     Dirty Dishes     Hairy Spiders     Rotten Apples     Stinky Sprouts     Magical Starfish     Sparkly Diamonds     Fairy Wings

Click here to find a printable with the story and the word cards for the game:
The Adventure In The Wood Game

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  1. This sounds like a fun game that my kids would like. We use those story cubes to make stories some times, this sounds similar but more structured. I be you get some weird interpretations of the story. #mmbc

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  2. What a clever game! It sounds like the perfect thing to whip out at family gatherings for a bit of fun to get everyone giggling. Mine loves storytelling types of games so I’m going to print your story later today 😊 Thank you! And thank you for sharing this gem on the #DreamTeamLinky xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This sounds like fun! Reminds me a bit of Madlibs (I think that’s what it was called) which my US friends love playing. They had a whole notepad full of stories with blanks, and you call out random words to fill them in, without having seen what the story is about. One person writes them down and then reads out the story at the end.

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