Why Hares Have Big Ears

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Why Hares Have Big Ears


“Why are foxes red? How did giraffes get such a long neck? And why do wolves howl at the moon? In this book series, children can discover fun and imaginative answers that explain just how animals are the way they are.”

Mummy’s Review

Christmas is over and before we know it the winter days will be passing by and turning to Spring.  Much to the boys’ sadness, we have put away our Christmas books and are now reading non festive books again! We were delighted to be gifted a copy of Why Hares Have Big Ears from Austin Macauley Publishers.  Despite the snow on the front cover, we felt like it was a great story for Spring as it was all about a family of hares.

I really love children’s books that act as a springboard for inquisitiveness, imagination and conversation.  Rosie Brown’s story Why Hares Have Big Ears does just that.  In the story, we discover that hares used to have tiny ears.  Following the actions of one brave hare, all that changes and the hares discover that its actually much better to have big ears!  This is a story that will get you and your child thinking about other animals who have unusual features and how they may have got those.
The pictures in this book are really distinctive and in the styles of sketches which looks really effective.  We really enjoyed leafing through the book and just looking at the pictures before we read the story.

We really enjoyed reading this story together and we would be very keen to read the other stories in the series and to see how Rosie Brown imagines that other animals got their features!

Rory’s Review

Have you ever wondered why hares have big ears?
This family of hares have to stay underground because of their tiny ears and eat mushrooms.  Until one brave hare went out to nibble on sweet daisies and something amazing happened…
I like the story because it is exciting to find out what will happen to the hare when he meets a fox who wants to eat him.  I also like that the book has a moral that you don’t have to be big to make a big difference.
The pictures in this book are very detailed and I like the little details such as the curled lines which indicate tangled fur and the dirt on the foxes’ and rabbits’ fur.  This book is brilliant for inquisitive children to help them to imagine why other animals have funny but interesting features.  This is also a great book for Spring because it is set in a sunny scene.  I think this book would be a great alternative to an Easter Egg. I would really recommend it and would give it 10/10.

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  1. I love love the sound of this book and may have to get a copy for work for reading to the kids at my group. Thank you for sharing with #stayclassymama

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