The Little Cat With Stars In His Eyes

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The Little Cat With Stars In His Eyes


“A little Cat who sleeps all day
And never seems to want to play.

He just lies around without a care
On the warmest bed or the softest chair.

But when the sun goes down at the end of the day,
The little Cat wakes and slips away.

He hurries to a hilltop high,
Where he sits beneath the twinkling sky.

To watch the stars as they play and chat
Means all the world to this little Cat.

Returning home at morning’s light,
Where he sleeps right through until the night.

When once again his heart desires,
To see the stars…that he so admires.”

Mummy’s Review

Over the Christmas holidays, we decided to have a little treat and go to the cinema to see Cats.  We knew it had received terrible reviews from critics but we thought we’d defy them and go anyway.  We were delighted we did because actually we really enjoyed it!  We loved the music – how can you not? It’s Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jennifer Hudson puts in an absolutely stellar rendition of Memory! We’ve been listening to the soundtrack, both the movie and Broadway, since!

It is funny how sometime things in life just perfectly come together.  Having seen the movie Cats, which is very much about the life style and mannerisms of our feline friends, we were kindly gifted a copy of The Little Cat With Stars In His Eyes  by Christopher Evans from the lovely folk at Austin Macauley Publishing.

If you’ve seen any of the Tired But Crafty Mummy Book Club articles before, you’ll know that I love a rhyming story.  They allow for readers to easily join in with the story because you can remember, and sometime predict, the words coming up.  This Little Cat With Stars In His Eyes has a lovely rhyme and rhythm so it sounds so comforting when its read aloud.

We are introduced to a small ginger cat who just seems to sleep all day.  He’s not just being lazy though he has a very special secret and to find out what it is, you will need to go on a journey into the night with him!  Being set at night, this is the perfect book for bedtime.  It’s a calm and quiet story which will help little ones wind down before bedtime.

The pages are filled with beautiful pictures which accompany the story.  I especially love how the skies change as he journeys on from beautiful sunsets to starry night skys and finally the dawn.  I also like how the font is very informal and looks like the story has been written with a chalk or crayon.

I really enjoyed reading this book with both my boys and it will definitely be a book we come back to again and again in our bedtime routine.

Rory’s Review

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re tucked up in bed?
This drowsy little cat sleeps all day but at nightfall he has a secret adventure to share!  If you travel to the top of Mulberry Hill with the little cat, you’ll find the stars put on a special show each night which always ends with a big treat – a shooting star.  People think the cat is lazy but actually he is very intelligent because he knows where the best place to see the stars come out is unlike your average cat.  He is small, cute and adorable!  The book rhymes and that makes it fun to read.  I really enjoyed making up a tune and turning it into a song.  The pictures are eye catching and really add to the story.  I like the little details such as the author says ‘He doesn’t climb trees and he doesn’t chase mice’ and there’s a picture of the mice looking at him wondering if he’ll chase them.  When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut because I really like space so I would love to sit on Mulberry Hill and gaze at the stars with the cat.  Because this book is set at night, I think it is a great book for bedtime.  I would really recommend it and would give it 10/10.

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  1. I enjoyed so much about this post. The book looks so pretty and right now in my life with many changes to make I think could inspire me to greater things too. Loved Rory’s review and he shares an interest with my own son on the astronomy front. #AnythingGoes and it is Kate on Thin Ice commenting

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  2. I think this sounds like a lovely book. I am all for cat books and ones that children can enjoy work for me. The illustrations look lovely. Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama

    Liked by 1 person

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