Elephant Light Craft

With Halloween just a few days away, you may find yourself looking for something to do with the children.  These days, Halloween is very much a marmite time of year with some people loving the ceremony of getting dressed up, decorating the house, throwing parties and trick or treating.  For those less inclined to Halloween, there are many Light Parties cropping up as an alternative to ghosts and ghouls.  If the light party is more to your taste, or you just fancy getting a little crafty, here’s an easy little craft to do which will lighten up those dark evenings.

To make an Elephant Light, you will need:
2L Plastic Milk Bottle
Tissue Paper
Googly Eyes
Felt Tip Pen
PVA Glue
Battery Tea Light

First of all you need to prepare your milk bottle to make it into an elephant shape.  I’d recommend an adult doing this part as it can be a little tricky for small hands.  Make sure it is nice and clean  and then about a third of the way down the milk bottle simply draw the bridge shape pictured below on both sides and link up your two bridges at the bottom.  The trunk is made by the milk bottle handle so cut this to be just a little bit shorter.  IMG_1430

Cut around the shape you have drawn and you should now see your elephant taking shape with legs and a trunk.  If you give the felt tip pen a little rub, it should come off and then you won’t see it under the tissue paper.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know how much I love children to practise their scissor skills and next up they can as you need to cut the tissue paper up into little squares.


Here comes the bit that children will love – getting messy!
Put some PVA glue onto your milk bottle and cover it with the squares.  It’s much easier to apply the glue to the bottle rather than the tissue paper.  The tissue paper just mulches up and makes it very tricky to work with.


Keep sticking on your squares until your entire elephant is covered.  When you do the top, it’s easier to remove the bottle lid and then pop it back on once you are done.

Before you finish make sure that all the corners and edges of your squares are really glued down.  If you have any flappy bits, pop a little bit of glue on your fingertip and just smooth them down.


When your elephant is covered, you next need to glue on his eyes.


Finally, if you wish you can also decorate his hat.  You could use metallic pens, glitter or, as Rowan did, you could add a pompom!


Now leave your elephant to dry.
When he is dry, you can pop your battery tea light underneath
and your elephant will glow!

Why not let your imagination go wild and add embellishments to your elephants.
We made them on a Rainbow Sleepover and the girls added jewels!
We then used the Elephants for an indoor campfire.
Image may contain: drink Image may contain: people sitting

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  1. I used to make something similar when I was working as a registered child minder, never thought about making it into a lamp though#kcacs@_karendennis


  2. My children take after me and are massive spooky fans, but I love the idea of light parties for all the families who don’t enjoy it or can’t be exposed to certain stimuli. I’ll try that little elephant as we go through a lot of milk here!


  3. Awwww this is sooo adorable!!! What a lovely (and different) craft to do at this time of year. How about a little camp fire with Elmer the Elephant as a bed time story. Thank you for bringing all the crafting skills to the #DreamTeam this week xx


  4. How ADORABLE! I love this idea, especially as part of a Light Party. Halloween can be a bit dark and scary, this allows the fun creative part and leaves out any less positive energy! Kudos to you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I absolutely love these craft ideas. They are so good for children and my own daughters absolutely love sitting up at the kitchen table with crepe paper, glue, glitter and stickers. They will sit there for at least an hour in complete silence. This elephant is a lovely idea. I will keep it in mind for my girls for the next rainy day! #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

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