The Adventures of Pugalugs


Join Pugalugs as he takes his first steps, explores his home and, most importantly, discovers his favourite flavour of puppy food!

Mummy’s Review

The boys have been hounding me (!!!) to get a dog for quite a while now.  I’m a real dog lover and grew up with the most gorgeous Jack Russell called Russ.  I too would also love to add a four legged friend to our family but I know the commitment a dog needs and want to wait until Rowan is walking for more sustained periods of time to ensure that our furry friend could really get the exercise he needs.  It was fantastic timing when we were very kindly sent a copy of ‘The Adventures of Pugalugs – The Beginning’ from Austin Macauley Publishers to read and review.   Rory and I felt that we also needed to draft in a little extra help for this review and so Raffy,  Rory’s Great Aunt’s cockerpoo agreed to lend a helping paw!


Pugalugs is taking the instapug world by storm, although honestly I didn’t realise such a thing existed until we began reading this book.  It really isn’t hard to see why!  The Adventures of Pugalugs is all about a pug puppy who is finding his way in the world.  The story begins with him being born on Bonfire Night and we see him grow and explore his new surroundings accompanied by his two siblings Bella and Dug.  This adorable book is a fantastic introduction into the world of a puppy and a great way to find out what being a dog owner would be like.  It covers all aspect of Pugalugs’ life including eating, playing, napping and of course chewing Grandpa’s slippers!  The story is accompanied by beautiful pictures of Pugalugs, Bella and Dug which really enhance the story too.  This book is the first in a series of Pugalugs stories which include Christmas and Halloween stories and an adventure with a magic bone.  Children will quickly be drawn into the adorable world of this loveable pug and will be keen to see what he gets up to next on his adventures!

Rory’s Review

Meet Pugalugs – a cute, adorable pup with his family Dug and Bella.  Pugalugs opens his eyes to a world of wonder and finds lots of interesting things like slippers and toys.  This is a fun book and Pugalugs finds out about lots of different things.  My favourite part is when Pugalugs chews Grandpa’s slippers, which is funny.  It is also funny when Pugalugs and Dug try to climb the stairs because they think it’s like climbing Mount Everest.  Pugalugs will have lots more adventures too.  The pictures are colourful and imaginative and the front cover is really eye catching because it has a large picture of Pugalugs on it.  As well as being funny, it is also informative and I learnt that puppies like Pugalugs are born with their eyes closed.  I really recommend this book especially to those who like dogs!  I would give it 10/10


Raffy’s Review



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  1. I am going to buy this book for my granddaughter thanks for the recommendation #,dreamteam@_karendenbid199@gmail is


  2. I’m sadly allergic to dogs, so Pugalugs would be as close as I got to owning one…! Sounds like a great book though, and that pic at the end of Rory reading it with Raffy is so adorable!!


  3. Isn’t it fantastic when a book really captures a young imagination? And a ten out of ten review – what could be better. Even the dog likes it! Xx


  4. I am a big fan of pugs, they are so cute. This sounds like a lovely little book. Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama. sorry it’s a bit late. life has been crazy

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