Dizzy and Bones Moon Camp

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“Join Dizzy and Bones in meeting their new friend on a magical trip to the moon, using their imagination and helping you use yours. You will be amazed at what you will find.”

Mummy’s Review

As you will will definitely know, this year has been fifty years since the Moon Landing and the amazing achievement of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to achieve humans walking on the moon.  This, quite rightly, has received plenty of media coverage which has been fantastic for Rory, who absolutely loves space.  Carrying on with this theme, we have really been enjoying reading space books at bedtime.  Rory was absolutely delighted when Austin Macauley Publishers kindly sent us a copy of Dizzy and Bones Moon Camp to read, an absolutely perfect fit with this theme!

Before you begin reading there is a little set of instructions for the narrator to really make the most of the book.  These include allowing your child to look at the pictures for a few seconds and then closing their eyes to listen to the story so they can really use their imagination.  There are also marked pauses in the story to allow for your child’s imagination to take them on an adventure.

This book is no ordinary story and in fact it will most likely change every time you read it.  The story begins with your child setting the scene with things like choosing the colour of the rocket and who you will take on the magical adventure.  The questions then continue in a way that leads your child to imagine their own fantastic adventure through space. When they come to land on the moon and set up camp, your child will then have the opportunity to retell their favourite story around the imaginary campfire.

This is such a great book for encouraging your child’s imagination, speaking and listening skills and abilities to tell stories.  All of these things are so important for helping your child to be a great speaker, reader and writer.  This is a really unusual book but one I definitely recommend adding to your bookshelf!

Rory’s Review

Have you ever wanted to camp on the moon?
It started with a dream then a magical adventure begins leading to an amazing lunar campfire and maybe you can share your story with Dizzy and Bones!
This book is different because you mainly make the story.  The narrator asks questions so you can join in.   You choose the colour of your rocket, who you take with you to the moon, the story around the campfire and lots, lots more.
I like Dizzy and Bones because they are funny, for different reasons.  Bones talks funny and how Dizzy understands him I’ll never know!  You can join in this story with your imagination  and blast off on an adventure .  I like this intergalactic book.  It’s all brilliant because I like how it changes each time we read it.  I really recommend this unusual book to those who like to imagine because the story is different every time.  It’s a huge quest beyond the stars!  I would give this book 10/10.

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  1. This sounds right up my street. I’m big on imagination as it was so important to me as a child, so I absolutely love that the children get involved and imagine their own story. It means you get more use out of the book, too!

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    • Hi my name is AD Mills. I am the author of Moon Camp. I had no idea my book has had any reviews. I have only just joined social media. And I am overwhelmed at the wonderful comments and amazing I say it again, amazing reviews I have had on here. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better review. I am so happy and unbelievably grateful. Thank you thank you thank you


  2. This looks like a lovely book and perfect for this year with the moon landings celebrations. The opportunity to guide the story sounds like a fun way to keep children engaged. Thanks for sharing your review with us at #globalblogging


  3. I have both books and love them both. Its definitely my children’s go to book every night. Hightly reccomend as an xmas gift for your children. 10/10

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