The Story of the Sea Unicorn

sea unicorn

“John wants to find a narwhal to get the tusk with its protruding canine teeth so he can save his wife. His daughter, Luna, refused to believe that her father was a monster and went after him. Once she fell into the water, the narwhal saved her life and then the magic happened…”

Mummy’s Review

Lately as a family we have taken great interest in all things ocean related!  It first started when we set up some Under the Sea play ideas for Rowan.  Following this we went on holiday and Rory discovered how much plastic was in the ocean causing him to do a spontaneous litter pick in the sea.  He consolidated his interests by reading Ocean: Secrets of the Deep.

Rory was delighted when Austen Macauley Pulbishing kindly sent us The Story of the Sea Unicorn to read.  I’m always intrigued by the latest trends and fashions and for sometime now unicorns have been in the ‘in’ thing!  It’s not really surprising that riding on the unicorns’ coattails, narwhals have also become pretty popular too and why not? After all they are the unicorns of the sea!

I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about narwhals but reading this book has inspired me to find out a little more about them.  For example, did you realise that the narwhal’s horn is actually a front tooth and can grow to up to 9ft in length!  The boys were very keen to try and spot one at the seaside and were disappointed to find out they live in Greenland, Canada, and Russia!

That is what I love about reading.  You have the enjoyment of reading the story and then it can spark many other conversations and take you off on other tangents!  The Story of the Sea unicorn will definitely do that.  John Howarth has decided that for the sake of his daughter Luna he must find a narwhal’s horn in order to save his sick wife however on his expedition to find one, he mysteriously disappears.  The other villagers turn their backs on him and so Luna takes it upon herself to rescue him and so goes out to sea in her bath tub!  Rory loved the fact that she traveled in a bath tub rather than a standard boat.

We have read this book many times now and each time we find something new to discuss.  This is a great story for discussing animal conservation with children.  We related it back to seeing rhinos at our local zoo and that there are poachers who want to kill rhinos in order to steal their horns for a variety of uses including medicine.  We also discussed what we would pack in our bag if we were going on an adventure to sea.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book.  They would not look out of place in an art gallery.  They are really beautiful and add to the story.

We really enjoyed reading the Story of the Sea Unicorn and I would really recommend it to others.

Rory’s Review

If you love adventures, then this is the book for you!
It’s Autumn and John Howarth has gone on a quest in his boat, The Moonlight.  He wants to save his wife who is ill by finding the legendary narwhal tusk and claiming it as his own.  When he mysteriously goes missing, nobody dares look for him except his daughter, Luna.  She goes to sea in a bathtub on an expedition to find him.  Discover more in this magical book called The Story of the Sea Unicorn by Geraldine Vincent.  I really recommend this book.  The story was really enjoyable and the pictures are awesome! I particularly liked the picture of the Narwhal with Luna in the deep blue sea!
I would give this book 10/10


I really love the opportunity to encourage children to read and so I am delighted to be teaming up with the lovely folks at Austin Macauley Publishers  to give you the chance to win one of three copies of The Story of the Sea Unicorn.   Simply head over to my Instagram page and you can enter there.  Competition closed on Friday 26th July 2019.

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  1. This book sounds lovely… I thought that Narwhals were made up when I first saw them on the octonauts 🙂 They are fascinating.
    By the way if you tried to comment on my host post this week there was an issue with the privacy policy, but it is back up and running now. If you had time to pop back I would appreciate it. Thanks for being with us on the #DreamTeam


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