Helping Children Deal With Someone Special Moving Away

We are extremely lucky as a family. Our extended family all live close by and so are very hands on in helping to raise our boys. I honestly don’t know how I would cope without them. In times of severe sleep deprivation, they were humongous support. They also fill the gaps of interest for the boys. Thank goodness for my brother taking Rory to see the Lego Movie and spending hours putting together Hogwarts made from Lego so I didn’t have to, for example.

Our little team has recently lost a member. My brother got a new job and moved three hours away. The boys have been very used to him living ten minutes away and seeing him regularly – most weekends and often during the week too. He has been Mummy’s babysitting saviour to allow Mummy to attend committee and PTA meetings. Now he will no longer be around to build Lego kits, babysit and generally being a Funcle! (Fun Uncle)

Rory particularly has been hit hard by his Uncle moving away. I reached out on Instagram for advice to help children with separation and Instamums did not disappoint.

Should your child be dealing with a friend or family member moving away, here are a few tips to help.

Make The Most of Technology

Thank goodness we live in a time of technology and we have apps such as Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp which make keeping in touch so easy.

Keep A Diary

Keep a record of the things your child has been getting up to, or better still get them to do so, which they can share next time they see each other. This doesn’t have to be written. It could also feature drawings and photos.

Write Letters & Postcards

Because we are surrounded by technology, traditional letter writing isn’t something we do so much anymore. This makes receiving a letter even more special making it a great way to keep in touch with someone who has moved away!

Countdown To The Next Meet Up

Lauren suggested organising meet ups in advance to you can countdown to visits giving your child something to look forward to.

Family Pegs

Life.In.Fife suggesting having a little peg person who resembles the person who has moved away. This means that the person can still join them on all their adventures. She recommended Rock.Paper.Pegs

Special Cuddly Toy

Have a special cuddly that your child associates with the person who moved away so they can give it a hug when they miss them.

If you have any good strategies to help a child deal with someone special moving away, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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  1. Great ideas! My daughters school friend is moving soon, not very far but it means she will be moving schools. I haven’t told her yet as I know she’ll be heartbroken. I think planning playdates in advance so she has something to look forward to is a great idea

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  2. Some really nice ideas here. My family moved house when I was in primary school. I was so settled there and had so many friends and found it really hard. We only moved half an hour away, but it feels like a lifetime when you’re 6/7! The school were great though, and had me back for an afternoon just to ease the transition and mine and my best friends parents were really great at keeping up regular meet ups. And we’re still friends now!


  3. Great ideas, we haven’t had anyone move but one set of grandparents live about an hour away and I love the idea of sending them postcards.


  4. This is such a lovely post! I like the idea of a special cuddle teddy! I’d even weap a price of clothing around Mr Ted so that little one can smell the friend 🙂
    Awesome post!
    Nanny M x


  5. These are lovely ideas. I set my son up with an email address where he can send anything he feels like to his Auntie, pictures, words whatever he chooses.

    It has helped him feel constantly connected x


  6. Oh my god, those pegs are adorable! The teddy idea is very cute too. Will keep these ideas in mind in case anyone tries to do a cheeky runner on us. Hope you’re all managing. XX


  7. Great suggestions! We live very far away from my in-laws (we only see them once a year if we are lucky) and will be visiting them summer. I can definitely implement a lot of those suggestions when we get back to help them cultivate the bond they develop when they see each other. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  8. These are great ideas and I especially like the little peg people. My daughter has had a couple of her friends move away but we try and arrange meet ups where we can which helps. #ablogginggoodtime

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  9. I’m sorry this has to be hard, we haven’t had this happen, but I love that you have been given some special ideas. I like the idea of letters and postcards as it can be super exciting to receive things in the mail! I also think that a snail cuddle toy is sweet. I know this is very different but whilst my daughter was away on camp she left me her Teddy to mind and it was sweet seeing teddy sitting on my bed each night. Thank you so much for sharing with #ABloggingGoodTime

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  10. It never occurred to me what I would do because I like you am lucky to have all my immediate family around us but there are great tips here. I think if I was in this situation I would focus on the writing letters because I know how much my daughter would love that.#ablogginggoodtime

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  11. This is so hard. About a year and a half ago our oldest moved away to live with family across the country. The eight year old took it pretty hard and still misses her dreadfully. Her gram is taking her out to visit in a few weeks and every day she asks how much longer until she goes. #thatfridaylinky

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  12. Wonderful tips. I have a different issue as my son left home last year to live overseas and I feel bereft a lot of the time. He left his favourite teddy behind by accident but insisted I should not get rid of it. You would not believe what a comfort the teddy is. I talk to it as if it is my son, say goodnight to it in place of my son etc. I think I am in the grip of empty nest syndrome and hopefully not entirely insane! Kate on Thin Ice commenting via #GlobalBlogging

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    • My boys are only 7 and 2, and yet I cannot imagine them leaving home. My eldest is desperate to be an astronaut and move to Berlin to the European Space Agency so I could absolutely see him going overseas. Think I’ll have to look after his favourite giraffe too to keep a connection.


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