Tooth’s Company, Tree’s A Crowd!

Tooth Flat Lay

“Josh’s plan is at risk, but when he loses a tooth, he realizes the tooth fairy could actually make it a reality. Persolus’s plan isn’t at risk until Josh loses a tooth. Only a particular tooth-fairy-in-training could stand in his way, but it is unlikely it would be her. He is safe for now. Tinx the tooth fairy has a plan to win her wings and wand, and to finally give up her molar bike. Only Josh and Persolus stand in her way. With twists and turns – not just from Tinx’s overly enthusiastic driving – this story of courage, respect, friendship, and betrayal in the oak tree at the end of the garden, just up the bank and over the fence, will have you gasping, laughing, and crying. You will also start looking for Shufflings.”

Mummy’s Review

Rory and I were absolutely delighted when Austin Macauley Publishers sent us a copy of Tooth’s Company, Tree’s A Crowd by Lisa Ballard to review.  It’s perfect timing for us as Rory has just begun to lose a couple of teeth and so the subject matter was brilliant.

The first thing that strikes you when you pick up this book is that it’s a novel but it doesn’t feel like a novel.  It’s large, square shape allows for the occasional beautiful, ethereal illustration which fills a whole page allowing for real detail in the illustrations.  It’s also unusual in the fact that the pages are glossy.  We really liked the fact that the font used is very informal which very much matches the tone of the book.  All in all, the aesthetics of this book means that it stands out from the crowd.

With my teaching head on, I liked this book very much because there’s quite a lot going on which makes it fantastic for prediction, inference and other comprehension skills.  At first you assume this is going to be a story about Josh but he quickly becomes a sub plot and the Shufflings and Tooth Fairies take hold of the main story.  The language used in the book is extremely rich and so it allowed for great conversations as we were reading it – we especially liked the use of dental puns such as a plaque nav and molar bike!  On a more childish level, Lisa Ballard’s use of bodily functions to comical effect with Buddy’s nervous burping had us crying with laughter each time it happened!

There’s something for everyone in this book – as mentioned above comedy, a subtle love story between two shufflings, adventure, drama and a little bit of fairy magic!  We read this as a Bedtime Story and every time we stopped I’d get the cry of “Just one more chapter. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Mummy!”

Rory’s Review

Rory loved this book so much that when asked at school to do a 2 minute presentation on any subject, he chose this book.  Following his presentation, his class were so interested to find out more that they convinced their teacher to read it with them as their story time novel.

Have you ever wondered how the Tooth Fairy collects your teeth?
I am going to blow your mind.  Let me tell you about Oaklings, Magnolians and of course Tooth Fairies all featured in an outstanding and exciting book called Tooth’s Company, Tree’s A Crowd by Lisa Ballard.

It all begins with a boy called Josh who loses his tooth and loses it again on the way home from school.  An adventure begins because it’s a very special tooth.  Did you know that not all fairies have wings?  Tooth Fairies need to collect a hundred teeth to earn their wings and wand and THIS is tooth number 100 for Tinks the Tooth Fairy.  The problem is no one knows where it is. Usually tooth fairies find teeth using a Plaque Nav but Tink’s Plaque Nav is offline.  As Tinks hasn’t got her wings yet, she rides a Molar Bike.  Did you know that your tooth fairy might be using a plaque nav and molar bike to collect your teeth?

I don’t want to spoil the book for you but it’s a very exciting adventure because there’s a chance all the tooth fairies could be killed because of a tooth fairy who’s gone bad and has been banished from Fairyland.  Banished mean she’s gone from Fairyland and can’t come back.

Buddy is an Oakling.  Oaklings live in Oak Trees but are too small for humans to see.  Buddy must help Tinks to find the tooth and save the day.

I would really recommend this magical book because it’s a great adventure with a gang of friends.


  1. I really loved your analysis of the book, it was very unique and then when I read that you’re a teacher it made sense! I also liked that you included your son’s review. It sounds like an interesting novel!

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  2. This certainly does sound like a magical book. I like your teacher knowledge about inferences etc too – interesting! I’m still wondering how the tooth fairies managed to track down all the teeth before plaque nav was invented though. Hmm…xx


  3. This sounds like so much fun, and I have a little guy who has just started losing teeth as well! We’ll have to check this one out! Thanks so much for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on!

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  4. That sounds like a lovely book. Thanks for sharing it. Like the idea of a plaque nav! I’m going to start tell this to my girls. Lol


  5. This is another book that I haven’t come across before, thanks for bringing it to my attention #globalblogging@_karendenbid199@gmail is


  6. This looks great – I am always looking for new books for my kid. Even if he’s too young for them, they’re good for the future. Thanks for linking up at #kcacols. Hope you can come back next time.


  7. This sounds like such a fun and clever story, perfect for all those young ones at the stage of losing a tooth (or two) Thanks for sharing, even your review had me giggling.


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