My 2018 Achievements

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New Year’s Eve is one of my least favourite times in the social media calendar, if there is such a thing!  I think of myself as a fairly positive person but as I head down my Facebook feed, it is a barrage of posts telling me how terrible the year has been!  Every year is filled with highs and lows but I prefer to focus on the things that have gone well.  With that in mind, this post  should be extremely easy to write…

Emily (A Slummy Mummy) challenged the #OtherMothers to share their achievements of 2018.  Whilst I find it quite easy to see the positives in life, its less easy to blow your own trumpet, as the saying goes.  In previous years, I have had major milestones to celebrate such as giving birth and graduating with my MA.  Have I really achieved anything in 2018?

Firstly, we have survived the year!  I have successfully managed to mother the boys ensuring that they are fed, exercised, educated and entertained!  Many may not think of this as being much of an achievement but my fellow Mummys (and Daddys)  will know that parenting is hard work.  We follow a path which we think is best for our children and family despite a barrage of  conflicting information.  Everyone has their own parenting journey and each milestone, now matter how insignificant to the rest of the world, should be celebrated, even if just in a very small way.  Our biggest parenting achievement this year is that we survived severe sleep deprivation.  At the start of the year, Rowan was sleeping for no longer than 30 minutes at a time and it was exhausting.  As with many child related things, this phase eventually passed and he’s now a brilliant sleeper!

This year, I started writing this very blog.  Right now it may be a very small acorn but hopefully, with a bit of love and nourishment, it will continue to grow into a little oak in the coming year, and years.  I am hoping to use some of my teaching experience to share ideas about children’s learning and to share some of our crafty exploits too.

I am very proud to have raised money for a few charities this year.  Our fundraising efforts seem to be fairly food based.  As regular readers will know, I do love tea and cake so this is hardly surprising.  I have organised strawberry teas, afternoon teas and a cupcake street party.  As well as raising money for good causes these have also been wonderful community events encouraging people to get to know their neighbours.

Finally, although perhaps not necessarily an achievement, I am  immensely proud of the volunteer work I have done this year.  I have continued to manage the PR for our local Community Radio Station and plan another extremely busy Christmas season on air including co-ordinating schools and community groups to send in Christmas carols, organising for priests to come in during Advent to deliver a Christmas message and liaising with local businesses to put together an amazing Advent Calendar filled with prizes to giveaway to our listeners.  It’s been a full on run up to Christmas but a great success too.

This year, I have continued to be a Rainbow and Brownie Leader.  This is something I have loved doing for the last 20 or so years.  I love the amazing opportunities that GirlGuiding affords to girls whether they are starting out on their Rainbow journey at 5 or exploring the senior section at 25!  We have had another amazing year which has included a variety of activities, camps and experiences.  Knowing the girls have had a great time, makes it all worth while!

As you can see, a lot has been achieved in 2018 and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has to offer!

I’d love to hear about your 2018 achievements.  Do let me know in the comments.


  1. Happy new year. I loved my time in brownies, guides and young leaders. Only thing i’m Sad about being a boy mum is fact they won’t get to be brownies like I was. Once they are older I might volunteer!x

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