Slime and Gelli!

Slime and Gelli

We’ve reached that odd time of the year where it’s no longer Christmas and it’s not yet New Year.  The weather is miserable – if its not raining then its a bit too cold to play outside.

Its these kind of days that we love a little bit of messy play.  The boys were delighted when Zimpli Kids sent us some slime and gelli to try out.  They could not wait to get going with it!

Gelli Baff


The packet comes with two sachets – one to make the gelli and the other to dissolve the gelli so it can be poured away with ease, which is great as it means you don’t need to worry about how you are going dispose of it!  The blue sachet contains enough powder to make an entire bath of gelli.  We decided we would do a slightly smaller scale play to begin with.  We filled a washing up bowl half full and added 4 tbsp of the blue granules which made perfect gelli!

Gelli Insta Crop

Before we started playing, I laid down a camping towel to protect the floor as it does get very slippery.  I thought this would be better that a usual towel as it wouldn’t get ingrained. A plastic table cloth or similar would work equally as well.IMG_1398.jpg

The packet suggests that this is for ages 3+ but with supervision this is also wonderful for little ones (just take care they don’t pop it in their mouths!).  Gelli baff is great to squeeze and run through your fingers making it great for sensory play for little ones.  We really enjoyed playing hide and seek in it too.  I hid a selection of small bath toys underneath the gelli and Rowan had a great time digging through to find it.


Bigger children will also love playing with this too.  Rory also enjoyed digging for the toys in the gelli but also liked seeing what shapes he could created with it too.


What I really liked about playing with the Gelli Baff is that it was an activity that all the family enjoyed.  Rory even got Grandad playing with it…

It was really easy to clean up.  I added the white granules and the gelli quickly turned back to liquid and could be poured down the drain.  Any gelli which had spilled over was easy to sweep up.  It does leave the floor quite slippery so I gave the floor a quick steam mop and within seconds you’d never have known we’d been playing with it!

Slime Baff

Our next messy play experience was with Slime Baff, which is made by the same company – Zimpli Kids.  This one does take a little longer to set up.  I filled the bath about half full and added the slime powder.  It takes about ten minutes for the water to turn to slime and the more you stir it the thicker it gets.

To begin with the boys liked splashing around and generally exploring the sensation being in the slime.  We then added some crab bath toys which have little holes in the bottom and they love passing the slime through these and making strings of slime.



Again the slime baff was easy to dispose of – you simply water it down with extra water and like the gelli baff it can go straight down the drain.

The boys had a fantastic time playing with both the Gelli Baff and the Slime Baff and would definitely recommend them!


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