#OtherMothers Christmas Tag

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The #OtherMothers is a social media group which aims to diversify motherhood.  At this festive season, here is a little Christmas tag to help diversify Christmas too!
If nothing else, you might learn a little more about the face behind the blog.

1.)  Who do you say brings your children’s Christmas presents?
I’ve been thinking about this and I’m not sure we have ever really discussed with the boys who brings the presents.  Rory definitely knows that we buy presents so I think he just thinks that Father Christmas brings one small gift and his stocking.

2.) Do you wrap all gifts?
Yes, even the stocking fillers which I know many of my friends don’t do.  As a child I really loved the surprise of unwrapping gifts and so I do do it for the boys!

3.) What do you think of Elf on the Shelf?
I find the ‘official’ Elf on the Shelf a little bit creepy but I love the concept.  We have a cuddly elf called Orion who visits us.  He isn’t particularly naughty as when Rory was younger it made him upset when the elf did naughty things.  Orion just appears in different scenes each morning.  I definitely have dropped the ball a bit with Elf on the Shelf this year.  Its something that works best if you have planned out what antics you’d like to do rather than doing in off the top of your head!

4.) Who does the Christmas planning in your home?
This is definitely me.  With a husband who can work both long and erratic hours, nothing would be achieved otherwise.  He doesn’t start thinking about Christmas until he finishes work for the festive period.  I love Christmas so it works well for us this way.

5.) How much do you spend at Christmas?
I really don’t know, although I probably should!  Controversially perhaps, we have made the decision not to buy the boys large Christmas presents.   They are spoiled by the grandparents and they often buy a large gift for the boys so we buy them lots of little things instead.  We are really trying to encourage family to gift experiences too as the boys have everything they need.  For example, Grandma and Grandad have bought Rory a year’s membership to his football club.
Our food shopping really goes up at this time of year but I think it’s nice to have a few naughty treats and it only happens once a year!

6.) When do you start buying gifts?
If I see something I think someone would like I would buy it early but generally I start Christmas shopping in earnest in November.  Every year, I try to be more organised with it, but there’s always one or two that I’m still trying to get really close to Christmas!

7.) What’s most likely to cause tension in the holidays?
I think as parents we don’t get enough sleep which definitely makes us both irritable and then leads to tension for silly little things that pre kids you would have just laughed off.

8.) What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
That is such a hard one to answer!  I think for myself, it would be Christmas Caroling as a teenager.  This is something that we don’t do anymore and I assume very few people do, as we have never had a visit from any.  One Christmas, the two music teachers from my school came with us so we had several part harmonies happening which was so beautiful!  I do love Christmas music whether its pop or classical and Christmas music making is definitely a part of a lot of my happiest Christmas memories!

9.) Any quirky traditions?
Since writing my blog on Christmas Traditions, I’ve started to realise just how many Christmas traditions we have!  Pulling the legs of little man is probably the quirkiest one we have.  All is explained in my blog post if you’d like to find out more! 😉

10.) If money were no object what would you really give for Christmas?
To Richard, I would give a ticket to travel around the world.  We have many happy memories of travelling around Europe together and I would love to make more memories with him, and now the boys, in this way.
To the boys, I would probably give them the gift of travel too!  I’d love to take the boys to Lapland to meet Santa, experience ‘proper’ snow and to ride with huskies!

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