Halloween Photo Frames

Blog 20 - Pumpkin Photos.jpg

A few days ago I wrote a blog all about Autumn Suncatchers which were in the shape of leaves.  I was looking through our craft cupboard and I decided to try a spin off with the boys – Halloween Photo Frames.

All you need is:
– Orange / Black Card (and green if you wish to make a stalk)
– Sticky back plastic
– Orange tissue paper (or see through sweetie wrappers.)
– A small photo of your child

First you need to draw the out line of the pumpkin on your card.  I found some fabulous neon card in our local poundshop and this looked great.  I imagine black card would also look quite effective.  I folded an A4 piece of card in two so essentially we made 2 A5 pumpkins.  You can make your pumpkin as big or as small as your like based on the size of your photo.

Cut your pumpkin out and then draw a 1/2 cm border around the pumpkin.

Next cut it out so your are left with a pumpkin shaped frame.

Lay the frame onto sticky back plastic and then pop the photo face down on to the sticky back plastic.
If you want to add extra detail, you could add a green stalk.  Simply cut it out of green card and put it down on the sticky back plastic first and then lay your frame on top of it.

Then cut or tear pieces of orange tissue paper (or use orangey see through sweet wrappers) to cover the whole of the pumpkin.
If you have printed your photo on to regular printer paper, I would advise either trimming your tissue so it doesn’t go behind the photo or also covering behind the photo with tissue paper.  This is because if you leave a jagged tissue paper over lap, you can see it when the pumpkin in hung in the sunlight, as you can see from my photos below)

When you have covered the whole of the pumpkin in orange tissue paper, lay another sheet of sticky back plastic over it to seal it.

You can then display your pumpkin in a window like a suncatcher or anywhere else you fancy as a usual photo frame.


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